Radio Flyer's 100th Anniversary Animated Short: Take Flight

September 2016

Radio Flyer® turns 100 in 2017.

On the occasion of its centennial, Kellogg alum and Chief Wagon Officer, Robert Pasin, answers questions on the unveiling of its company story through an animated short film, Take Flight.

Q. What inspired the story of Taking Flight?
Robert Pasin: The life and heritage of my grandfather Antonio Pasin, inventor of the iconic Little Red Wagon. He created a legacy of toys that continues to spark imagination and inspiration, as Radio Flyer is rediscovered with each new generation. We are committed to creating the best childhood experiences with timeless toys that spark imagination and inspire outdoor, active play.
Q. Tell us more about the film:
Robert Pasin: The story begins as a small boy's boring day with Grandpa that turns into a larger-than-life journey of imaginative play. Through the power of imagination and epic adventure, a boy learns to be a kid, a father learns to be a dad, and a grandfather reminds us all what childhood is about.
Q. Why create a movie and what do you hope audiences take from viewing it?
Robert Pasin: Generations of kids have pulled, pedaled and pushed their Radio Flyers on countless quests. Everyone has a unique Radio Flyer story and we wanted to share ours.
Q. What other plans do you have for your centennial?
Robert Pasin: Hard hats are de rigueur in certain parts of our HQ warehouse where we are on track to unveil in 2017 our new entrance and work space. We continue to create riding toys of action and movement for children. Our newest innovations include individual customization through Build-A-Wagon®, Scooter, Bike or Trike. And, this summer we unveiled our most premium product a Tesla S for Kids.
Q. Share some information about the Little Red Stories contest:
Robert Pasin: One of the ways we will mark the anniversary is by collecting Radio Flyer memories through our website and social channels. We will capture the best stories and share them throughout the year, including being displayed in the new museum space within our headquarters. Submissions can be entered at www.radioflyer.com.

Click here to view Take Flight on YouTube.