The Economist Executive Education Navigator Reviews:
Why Family Businesses Outperform Others

Economist article quotes Leading a Family Business: Best Practices for Long-Term Stewardship
by Justin B. Craig, PhD, and Ken Moores, PhD.

"Numerous studies in the last few years indicate that family enterprises are, overall, more successful than their non-family counterparts."

"A Boston Consulting Group study of 149 large, publicly-traded, family-controlled firms, for instance, revealed that their long-term financial performance was higher across the board. Similarly, research by Credit Suisse looking at data of 280 family companies worldwide from one financial year showed that family businesses outstripped public companies in revenue growth - this during the global recession of 2011-12."

"We have a body of knowledge that's been collected over the last 25 years that suggests they do outperform others," says Justin Craig, clinical professor of family enterprise at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and co-author of the new book Leading a Family Business: Best Practices for Long Term Stewardship."

"Yet he stresses..."

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