January 2018

In November, 2017, the Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises (KCFE) and the Kellogg Family Business Alumni Network (KFBAN) launched the first in a series of conferences designed to share the latest knowledge and research to promote best practices for family enterprise continuity worldwide. The conference format and programming were the culmination of over 18 months of dialogue and smaller events that helped to determine the ways in which we could further build our network and better serve the needs of Kellogg alumni from family enterprises.

The Kellogg Alumni Latin American Continuity Conference, held Nov. 17-19 on Kellogg's Miami campus, was fully attended by over 40 alumni, representing 11 countries. Each session was led by one of Kellogg's leading professors: Justin Craig (Family Business), Jose Liberti (Finance), Michael Mazzeo (Strategy) and Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez (Geo-Politics/Finance), and was specifically tailored to share research and encourage interactive discussions on topics relevant to family enterprises throughout the region. The conference provided various opportunities for attendees to network, share perspectives and build new relationships. For information about this past event, please click here.

This conference marks the first in a series of global Kellogg Alumni Family Business engagement opportunities we will be hosting for 2018 and beyond. Each program will be designed to address the needs of our KFBAN community and cover family business issues interwoven within the culture, politics and geography of that particular region of the world. We extend our appreciation and gratitude to all who helped to make this such a successful inaugural event - it was a great achievement and established a solid foundation for future Kellogg Family Business Alumni Network activities.

If you would like to share ideas and topics for future KFBAN programming and to participate in planning or hosting future programs, please click here to let us know.