Core Concepts - New KCFE Animation Series

March 2017

Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises has launched the first installment in our new KCFE Core Concepts, a series of short animations addressing key Family Business issues.

The initial spot, Succession is a Process and an Event, was created based on an idea put forth by Professor John Ward in a column he authored for the US Chamber of Commerce member magazine.

According to KCFE Associate Director, Carol Zsolnay, "Our mission is to distill specific Family Business issues to their essence and use animation to create a universal learning tool. As a result, the series is relevant across many types of boundaries."

In addition to people typically reached through business school teaching, consulting, presenting and referrals, the series also targets those who do not typically come in contact with academia. Zsolnay continued, "The first animation demonstrates the power of this concept as a multi-generational discussion starter for business-owning families no matter the level of involvement of the viewer nor the size, generation or country of enterprise."

Initial response from viewers has been positive:

"Substantive. Great format!"
"Loved it! The animation is terrific! Very succinct and to the point!"
"This is fantastic and very on trend in approach and style. I look forward to seeing more in the future!"
Next in the queue to be developed is an animated short on the topic of Tradition and Change.

Click here to view the Succession is a Process and an Event animation.